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Solidarity with the MST!

According to the MST, the whole operation means to frighten the activists of two camps on public land coveted by a lumber company in the state of Paraná. We see with dismay the repeated episodes of repression of peaceful protests and social organizations committed to the expansion of human rights

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation

New book on the life and legacy of Rosa Luxemburg

Rosa Remix

With seven sections and sixteen chapters, Rosa Remix covers a wide range of subjects, starting with Rosa’s life, finishing with her legacy, and in between grappling with issues like climate justice, feminism, graphic novels, or protest movements

FRL New York


“No, thanks, let’s stay friends”

Sanya Smith: “A former US minister was asked why they didn´t release the text of the TPP: “We tried that in the FTAA and it didn’t work because people suddenly realized what was in it and they opposed it…” So they are correctly named vampire agreements. Once people know what’s in it, they oppose it…”

Interview by Gerhard Dilger

Neoliberalism, BRICS


Neoliberal globalization has had a profound effect on the mega-cities of the global South. In the so-called large emerging economies of the South—in particular the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)—globalization’s imperative has been export-led growth, and these countries’ port cities have served as the platforms for this development strategy.

Patrick Bond, Ana Garcia, Mariana Moreira, and Ruixue Bai

aldeia marakaná

Indigenous Resistance in the Metropolis of Megaevents

With the threat of the FIFA World Cup came the pretext for companies, in complicity with all three levels of government, to begin looking at the land with new eyes. The challenges intensified and became constant threats of eviction so that the space might be transformed into a parking lot, a mall, or any other thing to create profit.

Aldo Santiago