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Loss and Damage! – What about Climate Just Politics?

On 12 December 2015, at 7:26 pm, Laurent Fabius banged his gavel – and cheers broke out at the Le Bourget congress centre near Paris. Thousands of people embraced each other, laughed, took photos and applauded for minutes on end. After two weeks of dramatic negotiations, the plenum of the climate conference had adopted a new climate agreement and French foreign minister and President of the conference Laurent Fabius closed the historic event. By Juliane Schumacher, RSL …

Digital Change

Platform Cooperativism

Among all the problems with 21st-century work — the ballooning of the low wage service sector, economic inequality, the crumbling of worker rights — the main problem really is that there are so few realistic alternatives. - Trebor Scholz

Neoliberalism, BRICS


Neoliberal globalization has had a profound effect on the mega-cities of the global South. In the so-called large emerging economies of the South—in particular the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa)—globalization’s imperative has been export-led growth, and these countries’ port cities have served as the platforms for this development strategy. - Patrick Bond, Ana Garcia, Mariana Moreira, and Ruixue Bai


Migration In Greece

This booklet has two goals. First of all, to deconstruct the numerous social myths that revolve around migration in Greece with well-founded facts, thus contributing to a well-rounded and multi-facetted understanding of the migration issue. Second, to propose, through this deconstruction, a realistic but also fair policy on migration, a true left-wing policy. - Vassilis Papastergiou and Eleni Takou

refugees' stories

The coldest summer

The stories are based on the autobiographical narratives of refugees we met in Athens and in Berlin. They are stories we heard by chance. The protagonists of the stories are people who could have been members of our family, our friends or our neighbours. They are, beyond doubt, people who, some day, will be recognised as fellow human beings in our societies and in our spaces. Let us welcome them. - Rosa Luxemburg Foundation Greece


Brave Green World

The Green Economy, we hear, will end climate change, prevent the extinction of species and, as an added bonus, create millions of jobs. This miraculous instrument will solve the global financial and economic crisis, as well as our ecological problems, all in one go. However, what exactly is the Green Economy? - Ulrich Brand

TTIP: Why the World Should Beware

This booklet delivers facts and arguments why TTIP is threat not only for the EU and the US, but for the whole world. Ultimately TTIP would serve as an instrument to the economic and political elites of the West to maintain their hegemonic power and dominance. - Working paper by Manuel Pérez-Rocha